An MIT research lab inventing new forms of expression and collaboration between human and machine intelligence.

Beyond Vision

A crowd-scale interface for design and pattern formation.

Being Material

Augmenting reading with artificial intelligence.


A visual programming language for networks of neural networks.

This Is Not a Ball

A documentary about the ball


Folding as a computational design strategy for 3D printing.

Pop-Up Factory

Real-time manufacturing and customization of electronic objects.

Self-Assembly Electronics

A bottom-up manufacturing process for consumer electronics.

Silver Light

A transparent and flexible printed circuit lighting


Photography without light

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty

Interactive light installation


Marcelo Coelho, PhD
Marcelo Coelho, PhD
Principal Investigator / MIT
Head of Design / Formlabs
Jean-Baptiste Labrune, PhD
Research Partner / MIT
Diego Pinochet
Diego Pinochet
Research Assistant / MIT
If you have an interest in interaction design, digital fabrication, manufacturing, or artificial intelligence, and want to work with us, reach out to marceloc[at]mit[dot]edu.