An MIT research lab inventing new forms of expression and collaboration between human and machine intelligence.

NARRATON is an interactive projector that augments shadow puppetry with AI generated storytelling. Designed by Aria Bao and Yubo Zhao.

Large Language Objects (LLO)

Physical interfaces for Large Language Models
Generative lighting

Light Craft

An artificial intelligence assistant for film lighting

Being Material

Augmenting reading with artificial intelligence.


A visual programming language for networks of neural networks.

Beyond Vision

A crowd-scale interface for design and pattern formation.

This Is Not a Ball

A documentary about the ball


Folding as a computational design strategy for 3D printing.

Pop-Up Factory

Real-time manufacturing and customization of electronic objects.

Self-Assembly Electronics

A bottom-up manufacturing process for consumer electronics.

Silver Light

A transparent and flexible printed circuit lighting


Photography without light

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty

Interactive light installation


Marcelo Coelho, PhD
Marcelo Coelho, PhD
Research Lead / MIT
Head of Design / Formlabs
Jean-Baptiste Labrune
Jean-Baptiste Labrune, PhD
Research Affiliate / MIT
Diego Pinochet
Diego Pinochet
Research Assistant / MIT
If you have an interest in interaction design, digital fabrication, manufacturing, or artificial intelligence, and want to work with us, reach out to marceloc[at]mit[dot]edu.