This Is Not a Ball

A documentary about the ball
Marcelo Coelho
Vik Muniz
Fabio Ghivelder
Alan Argondizza
In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, This is not a Ball is a documentary that investigates the meaning of the ball and our passion and innate connection to it. The documentary culminates with the making of a large-scale physical drawing composed of 10,000 soccer balls. The drawing is designed with custom C++ software and assembled by a team of untrained volunteers from the local community, following simple and human readable computer instructions.

Documentary directed by Vik Muniz and Juan Rendon
Written by Juan Rendon and Kristofer Rios
Executive Producer Isaac Lee
Produced by Natalie Osma and Patricia Sanchez
Photography by Christopher Gallo
Editing by Marlon Venerio, Cynthia Rogers and Darren Kloomok
Music by Ed Cortes and Uptempo
This Is Not a Ball - Estadio Azteca
This Is Not a Ball - Vidigal